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Expand and enhance mental health through personal relationships and community building.

The Mind Matters Family Center provides education, service, and awareness to individuals and families of all types to improve the mental wellness of diverse communities throughout Oregon and Washington.
As we partner with organizations and individuals, we work to remove barriers that limit access to our services.  We strive to expand and enhance mental health through personal relationships and community building.



We will change the community’s commitment to develop mentally healthy living for families and established community organizations, with our priority to those underrepresented and underserved. 



We will focus on families of all types and from all social and cultural groups to encourage mental wellness and improve awareness and early identification of mental illness.


We will create and provide activities that engage community members using strategies that build and maintain mental wellness, encouraging mentally healthy living.


We will educate our community about strategies to enhance mental wellness using both scientifically validated practices as well as proven traditional cultural customs and teachings.


We will identify organizations dedicated to helping families and partner with them to add mental wellness components to their community activities.  


Mind Matters Family Center creates engaging activities for our communities and partner organizations that motivate, educate, and demonstrate how families and individuals can improve their own mental wellness and then share their healthy practices with others. 

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