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Exer-Psyche Mental Wellness Project

The Exer-Psyche Mental Wellness Project is an initiative of the Mind Matters Family Center.  The mission of the Family Center is to improve the mental wellness of our communities by engaging and educating families and individuals and partnering with community groups.


The Exer-Psyche Mental Wellness Project aims to teach grade school-aged children and their families 10 themes important for building healthy mental functioning and diminishing the risk and impact of mental illness. This project is an evolution of a group therapy program developed in 2011 employing Taekwondo training and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles in a therapeutic multi-family group experience focused on helping children struggling with mental illness.


The Mental Wellness Project combines many of the ideas and experiences learned from this treatment group with knowledge of habits that contribute to healthy mental functioning, also known as mental wellness. In essence, our goal is to provide an experience suitable for all children in grade school to learn and practice 10 themes of mental wellness in an active, engaging, and fun experience with their parents and other children of varying ages. Taekwondo teaching and mindfulness practices are included in each session.


The Spring series is broken into two 5 weeks sessions. Block A starts on April 24, 2024, and concludes on May 22, 2024.  Block B starts on May 29 and concludes on June 26, 2024.  Block A and B present different themes in mental wellness.  The 5-week block format is designed to offer greater flexibility in family scheduling.  Each of the 10 Wednesday evening sessions starts at 6:30 pm and will last 50 minutes.


Sessions will be hosted at Yong In Taekwondo Academy 7365 SW Barnes Road Suite C (near the intersection of Miller Rd and Barnes Rd) Portland Oregon 97225.


The Mind Matters Family Center is sponsoring this event so there is no cost to the participants.  Uniforms will be provided to each young person.


This is for any child ages 6-11 years in elementary school. A parent or guardian must accompany each child as a training partner and be ready to actively participate in all components of the program. There are spots available for only 12 children each block, so availability is limited. An exception will be made for 5 or 12 year olds on a case by case basis

To register, call Mind Matters PC front desk at 503.352.0468 


David Conant-Norville MD, child psychiatrist, President and Clinical Director Mind Matters PC, President Mind Matters Family Center

Sungwoo Ha, Taekwondo 8th Degree Grand Master, Owner of Yong In Taekwondo, Silver Metalist USA Taekwondo Championship 2023, Bronze Metalist World Taekwondo Championship 2023.

Sign Up:

Call Mind Matters PC Front Desk to register at (503) 352-0468

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